My school offers a gym pass every semester which allows you to take certain classes that are taught by different instructors. Last semester I took the zumba and hip-hop classes every now and then because I was sure it was a good investment even if I did not attend all the classes.

This semester I will not purchase the gym pass because I am trying to save money. Now before you go saying I should put my health above saving money, remember that my apartment complex has gym equipment that is available to all the residents. I can easily go back to using the treadmill or the exercise bikes like I used to in the past. The only negative is that there are no classes with exciting moves and I get bored doing the same thing all the time.


Paying for the classes actually did not provide extra motivation because there were many days that I missed. The thing is the gym parking lot is always so crowded that it takes a long time to find a spot. This gets really annoying considering the fact that I have to drive all the way from home to even get to the campus.

The other thing is that I have late classes on two days and those are the days that offered the classes that I liked most. The other days that I have free in the afternoons did not offer things that I was really interested in last semester. I have to work in the office during the day so I really can only go take the classes in the evening.

If I choose not to pay for the gym pass I can simply use the treadmills or exercise bikes and I can also do this at home for free.

I just really need to get into the mindset of actually getting up and going to work out on the treadmill even though it is boring. The classes were fun and interesting and motivated me to work out…but if I cannot do that then I need to find a new way to be active.