Every Friday I post about my finances for the week in an effort to monitor my income and expenses. I used to post all of the actual figures but I have recently decided to stop doing this.

I will now post SOME of my actual expenses and leave the rest to your imagination.  All income and expenses are recorded in Mint and any amounts are rolled over into the next month.

This week my expenses were:

$5.00 on a candle from Target. Yes I know this was a ‘want’ and not a ‘need’ but I really, really wanted this candle that smells like cotton candy so I bought it and that will just be a part of the shopping budget for this month.

I also spent $6.74 on food this week. I will have to get some more food next week because school starts next week and I want to make sure I bring lunch to work all the time and not get caught off guard and have to buy lunch.