Hi everyone, this is Dinero and I am telling you about another way that I help Lulu save money. Remember I have helped her to save money on heat in Dinero Saves Dinero: Heaters  in the past.

Since I have blessed Lulu with my presence she has been spending more time playing with me.  This translates to less time spent watching television since I demand ask for about 30 minutes of her time every day when she gets home from work.

dineroShe gets to change into some comfortable clothes and get a snack or something for a few minutes before she has to  cuddle up with me, brushing and grooming me until I purr with pleasure.

This grooming and brushing is mutually beneficial since I get to have loose hairs safely removed and she gets to be in my wonderful presence.

She gripes about how she does not get to watch House Hunters any more but I see that as a positive thing.

The thirty minutes that she spends with me means thirty minutes of less electricity being used.

Less electricity means a lower bill and that means she has saved money. This all translates into more money being available to shower me with treats and toys!!!!


Until next time, Dinero out.

pawprint(image from with a paw print….y’all know I can’t hold a pen!