I used to know the due dates for my credit card payments back in the old days before I started blogging. I used to wait for the bill to come in the mail and then whip out the trusty old checkbook and write out a check. Then I used to put the check and the payment coupon in the envelope and hunt around for a stamp……walk over to the mailbox and send off the payment.

I needed to know the payment due dates because if there was a problem or if I was out of town then I needed to make sure that I sent off the payment in enough time for the card company to receive the check and deposit it before the due time.

Then along came ING with its wonderful Electric Checking account. I can now push a check from ING without even needing to wait for the statement to come in. Because ING is so fabulous they don’t care how many checks I ‘write’. So with me deciding to automate my finances and set up a zero based budget I now send off a check every week to my credit card. Since they are getting the money every week, it does not matter if one check goes awry (interesting word that one!!!) because there will be another to follow it in seven days. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for any payment to be late because I am even paying more than the minimum payment with each of the four checks that the credit card company gets.

The basics of my Zero Based Budget go like this:
Every dollar has a purpose
All spending areas have a total
All bills are paid automatically via credit card
All credit card bill totals are paid in four payments per month
Amounts less than the budget go to overage account

So let them go ahead and change due dates all they want…..I don’t need to know the date coz the check is ALWAYS in the mail.

How do YOU manage your credit card payments?