I love getting free samples of things. You may say that the 1 oz. toothpaste sample cannot compare to the 7 oz. tube you purchase at the supermarket…and I would say you are right. But then you need to look at the number of times you can get the 1 oz. samples and save yourself from buying that large 7 oz. tube.

The other positive side to the sample size is that you can easily take it with you when you travel. The small containers fit so neatly into your bag and are just the right size for overnight trips when you may not get toothpaste!

The best site that I have found for getting samples is StartSampling.com. I came upon this site accidentally while searching fruitlessly for a site that would actually give you something for free. The site is so easy to use that is boggles the mind. You go on and register and fill out a really short survey on your preferences. You then have to log in to the site to find out what is new and click on a sample that interests you. Then you enter your ID and click order and they ship the item to you. Easy!!!

The greatest thing about StartSampling is that they do not send you pesky emails like some other sites. It is your responsibility to log on to the site to see if there is anything new and then you decide what you want.

You can get points for answering surveys on the product you received but these are optional and they are only available about 20 days after the time they estimate you have received the product. The points can be redeemed for some other special items but I have never redeemed points.

I give this site an A plus because not only can I get free stuff but the site is also very easy to use.