I got my eyes checked today and (sob) my eyes have gotten worse. It is not much of a difference but it is still annoying. This means that not only did I have to spend money for an exam I also have to shell out more money for new contacts and or glasses.

LeafGreenI did get the new green contacts to try out and I will do so later and maybe post a pic. Yes I said green ladies and gentlemen. I am still looking to try something new and I think I have worn out my range on the gray lenses. I definitely know that I will continue to buy Impressions gray lenses since they are so fabulous!!!! The doctor gave me Freshlook Colorblends in green (one side only!) so I can try them out to see how they look. I think I might be able to pull off the green if it is not to bright.

If they look okay then I just may order my next set of colored lenses in green. Then I will have to go through the whole process of trying out new brands until I find one that I really like. Since I happen to LOVE the Impressions gray I think I may try the Impressions green first because I completely LOVE those lenses as opposed to some others I have tried that I simply LIKE!

My eyes are still a bit blurry because I had them dilated and they feel a bit sensitive but I could still see well enough to drive so I am doing well!