It is getting colder and colder and all I can think of is lying on the beach or walking on the warm sand.

I want some real (read:caribbean) fruit cake and eggnogg.

Of course since the tickets home now cost around $600.00 I would not be saving any money (which is the whole point of this).

Our secretary just bought me some coffee from starbucks (hey I am not about to dish out $3.00 for one cup of coffee…even though it tastes heavenly).

On the point of going home….I always use Orbitz to search for flights because they are so easy to use. You can also find better deals using Orbitz than using the airline sites and you can compare different airlines.

I would love to be able to go home this Christmas and get away from the cold but that is not possible (unless I win the lottery!) so I guess I will just have to drink lots of tea and wear layers.