Okay I am finally biting the bullet on my weight. I went online to SELF’s challenge and got a free two week pass to Gold’s gym. The challenge begins on february 26th and there is a Gold’s gym about 1 mile away from my apartment.

I just called a friend to ask her to go with me…..because we all know that I will let the pass expire if I depend on myself to go to the gym. There are Pilates and Yoga classes which is what I am interested in.

I am just waiting for the call back and we will both have our passes…..so come on February 26th…..I am ready!!!

You can also try the challenge for yourself. Just go to www.self.com and sign up for the free challenge…then you can click on the link for the FREE pass to Gold’s gym for two weeks. If you can go three times for the week I think that would be enough to jump start your urge to exercise.

I am calling on No Calories Needed to try this great opportunity out. Maybe we can both lose some weight!