I was bored….and took about 15 pictures so I just decided to add this one to the saga of the Impressions contacts.

Here are my Impressions lenses from the front…this shows the limbal ring and the center of the lens.

These are the Impressions lenses. These have a limbal ring which is supposed to make your eyes look larger (like the Japanese anime characters). I like this look although it did look a bit alien at first.

After I got used to my eyes looking larger I fell in love with these contacts despite this weird light colored center part. I have gotten the most positive comments from people on these lenses. They also do not slip all over my eye like the previous ones did.

..and here I am at Red Lobster (my FAVORITE restaurant!!!!) waiting to get dinner. You don’t notice the eyes…but they are there.

Right here we got WAAAAY too close with the camera right? This photo is a bit scary and notice how I have a crazy eyed look. This was the effect of the contacts getting dry and starting to slip.

Now in this one I did not get a close enough shot but I think you can see the grey eyes. I am just going to make the next few posts be some shots of the eyes.