Sometimes I wonder what makes people lie to people they say are their friends. Maybe they do not want to look weak because they went through something that is embarrassing. Be strong. Your true friends will not judge you or make you feel like less of a person for enduring hardship.

In fact, if you can go through something bad and come out of it unscathed isn’t that the mark of a strong individual? Shouldn’t you respect that person all the more for not giving up.

But then you think about it and notice all the people who treat you badly after you have had some misfortune. Think of the ones who laugh or make snide comments. Think of the ones who are suddenly unavailable when you need someone to talk to. Think of the ones who were always ready to hang out, to ‘drink ah rum’. Where are they when you need them the most. When you look back at the footsteps in the sand and see only one set, these people are not carrying you. They have left you alone to handle it all on your own. Then you think of someone who feels this way and lies to prevent being abandoned by their friends.

I think then I can understand why they do this. I understand why you did it. And I forgive you.