I have not filed my taxes yet and I blame going paperless for this.  I have always been really good about filing my taxes early but this year I just have not gotten to it as yet.

The reason for this is that I am just not aware of it on a daily basis because everything is now paperless.

In the past I would eagerly await the little envelopes in the mail that served as a reminder. Here comes a W2 today. Tomorrow I see a 1098…and so on. I would gather my little envelopes and place them in a manila folder marked ‘Taxes’ with the current year as well. This folder sat on my desk and I would see it every day and would wait with bated breath for the final statement to come in.


This year, everything has been coming as an email reminder to download a form.

I still tag the emails with ‘Taxes’ and the current year, but since it is all paperless I would not print the statements.

I just realized that I do not have a visual reminder that I need to do anything..so that is why I have not filed my taxes yet.

I really need to work on getting that done because I am getting busier and busier with school and work so I need to cross that one thing off my list.