Welcome to Money Mondays! I used to post my financial inflows and outflows on Fridays in the past but I decided to move this to Mondays instead. I normally go grocery shopping on Sundays after church. I will now post the last week’s worth of financial inflows and outflows on Monday so that I can include the weekend spending as well.

This week my financial outflows were:

$36.25 on candles. Yes I spent over $30 on candles but wait for the explanation. I got the large 3 wick candles from Bath and Body works. These normally go for $22.50 each and they last a really long time. They were on sale online for $12.50 each so I decided to get three of my favorites.

I burn candles every single day unless I am sick so I know this is something I will get a lot of use out of. I liked the sale and I think that $12.50 is a good price to pay for the candles because they will last for months, even with me burning them a few hours every day.


I got three different scents because I like to burn a different candle every day. On the weekends I burn one for a few hours in the morning and then another for a few hours again at night. These may very well last me the rest of the year so I think of the cost as being spread out over a few months instead of just one month.

$23.32 on gas, where I filled up my tank from empty. My gas light came on today as I was driving home. I had not bought gas since December 31st and I bought gas on February 17th. This is a month and two weeks since my last gas purchase so I was expecting that to happen. I was actually planning on not buying gas until I saw the light come on since there were gas stations on practically every street corner.


I was on the way home and had planned to stop at the car wash before getting gas at the station closest to my home. Just before I turned in to the car wash I noticed that the gas light had come on and since there was a gas station attached to the wash I decided to fill up at that point. Gas is really cheap now because I remember filling up from a quarter tank and paying close to the amount I just paid to fill up from empty.

This week my financial inflows were:

$0 as usual. I was not expecting any income so I am not stressed about this. My regular income is my salary so most weeks I will not have any cash inflows.