Nothing to report today. I got up late (for the first time in a LONG time) and lolled around in bed because I did not have anything pressing to do. Hooray! We were supposed to have Pan practice at 2 but people were not answering their phones so I decided to go back home.

Tonight I have to go see a show and I hope it is worth leaving my house and driving to the school or I will be upset. Dominica is having their independence show tonight in the student center at 7:30 (ish) so I have a reason to leave the house.

Oh, by the way we are supposed to be having our friendzies and co. sunday lunch tomorrow. Guess what I am bringing? Yup! You guessed right……Potato Salad. I just LOVE potato salad. I might take some pics of that and post on it if the pics look good.
What else did I do today? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm….I checked the mail (surprise!) and I contemplated finishing a take home exam…but did not actually get around to doing it. I played virtual villagers….again. Actually I had to start a new game over because all the villagers were just getting sick and dying and the food was running out very quickly.

Ok it is 6:54 and I have to go take a shower and get ready to go to the show. I should have charged the batteries today so I could take the digital camera and get pics…..but today was my lazy day so I did not charge them. Oh well!