I rushed to the bookstore today without taking time to get a lunch together. I got hungry and thirsty while at work and decided to buy bottled water from the vending machine since it costs less than at the bookstore.

I also decided to get a packet of combos since they are so good. When I got to the front of the line I noticed that the combos cost 79 cents while there was a snickers bar for 59 cents so I decided to make the trade. The snickers ended up costing me a total of 63 cents so I spent $1.63 of my laundry money to have something to eat at work.

It was not worth it. I merely sipped at the water and ended up coming back home with more than three quarters of the bottle left. The snickers bar tasted great but I am thinking of all the extra calories from all that sweet stuff. I am in pain so I will not be exercising today so that is bad.

The worst thing is that I spent the money on stuff that I really did not need.