I managed to squeeze in some exercise yesterday. I wanted to do a solid 20 minutes using my jump rope but about 5 minutes in the rope snapped. I was very surprised and I am now hunting for the receipt so I can take it back to good old Wally world to get a refund. The rope is about 1 month old and I do not use it every day.

Okay, okay so I have used it for maybe a total of 2 hrs since I got it. I skip on the carpet in my living room so there is no reason why the jump rope should be stressed out. The rubber just snapped at the site where it enters the handle so I am looking to take it back and get a refund.

So anyway….I got out the exercise ball and did some ab work then I got on the floor and did some yoga. I began before CSI started and I stopped about halfway so I know I got my 20 minutes in. That is one set down….2 more to go for the week.