I have this monstrous headache that is just really bothering me today. I woke up at 6 this morning with a slight headache that I thought would go away after I had breakfast.

But no such luck. I got to work this morning and still had this headache. I ate some grapes and then took some pain killers around 9 but the headache seems to be getting worse. My eyes hurt too and I feel nauseous. I think maybe I ate something bad or I am coming down with something because I just feel generally sick.

I cannot afford to get sick now. I want to just go home and take my contacts out and go to sleep….but I can’t because I have to go to class tonight.

I am almost tempted to just buy a slice of pizza from the school so I will not have to eat the leftovers which I think made me sick. That would also save me the trouble of having to run home and fix something to eat….but that would mean spending money and I did not budget for that so I will not do it.

Oooooh I wish I could just miss class tonight but I do not have a reason to so I will go…and feel bad…and be sick….and maybe I will still learn something. Maybe.