It is no secret that I love my credit cards and use them as often as possible. I do not use debit cards and even decline them when I open a new account because I do not want to deal with them.

My Health Savings Account came with a Visa card which happens to be a debit card. I have been using this card for medical purchases like copays or paying bills that were not covered by insurance and in each case the card was swiped and run like a credit card, I signed and that was the end of it.

Over the weekend I had to pick up an emergency prescription so I went to the store with my handy HSA card. After I swiped the card it asked for my PIN.

Crickets chirping.

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I have no idea what the PIN is because I have never used it so I told the pharmacist I did not know. She looked at me funny and asked if it was my card and asked to see the card. Luckily the amount was less than $5 and she still had my ID card from setting up the prescription earlier.She hit a button and it went through like a credit card but that was just an awkward few seconds for me at the counter.

I went ahead and set up a PIN but I will have to remember to tell any vendor to run it like a credit card in the future so I do not have to go through that again.