Welcome to How I Save Money.

And a special welcome to readers of ProBlogger, who got here via the group writing project.

Have you ever noticed that Personal Finance Bloggers are an incestuous bunch? While the title was  written to catch your attention I mean that in a positive way. PF Bloggers as they refer to themselves are incestuous in the sense that they all link repeatedly to each other, kind of like that bunch up in the hills that ‘link’ to each other too.

If you get a link from one PF blogger then it encourages others to link to you if they hold the first linker in high esteem.

Usually if you link to one of them first they will return the favor…sort of like spreading the link disease around. If that is the way it goes then go ahead and infect me with your linkbacks! πŸ™‚

I love being a personal finance blogger and I would not trade it for the world. Because of this incestuous relationship I have learned about:

* Debt Snowballs


* Carnivals

* Credit Card Management

* Debt Reduction

* Online Income

So thank you to all my brothercousinuncleneiceinlaw personal finance bloggers who have infected blessed me along my journey to find ways to save money and reduce my debt load.