A few days ago I got an email from Feedburner saying that the feeds were being taken over by Google. I did not pay any attention to this because I thought it was automatic.

I remembered reading on a site somewhere that you needed to log into your account to facilitate the move so I did that and thought everything was fine.

Then recently I noticed that when I left comments on other blogs CommentLuv would not find my post. I logged into my CommentLuv account to check on my stats….yup the feed is listed.

I logged into my feedburner account…yup the feed is listed there too.


It is listed there 2.

2. TWO, not TOO.

There is a 2 in the feed address that I had not noticed before. I guess when Google took over feedburner they decided to make a minor tweak to my feed address and since my eyes glaze over when I see the technical stuff I did not notice it.

computerSo I took matters into my own hands and (Kevin of WebDevelopment2.o would be proud of me because I did not come crying to him) went back into CommentLuv and added the 2 to the address and updated and saved.

Then I logged into the admin panel of the blog here and added the 2, updated and saved as well.

I waited a couple of seconds and then went to blogs that I know use CommentLuv and tried to leave comments.

Hooray….my feeds are detected and my last post is available.

Now I am a certified techie!!!!!!