I have been sitting here in my apartment wondering where my mail went to. At the beginning of last month I knew I was going to be spending two weeks with my Honey so I put in a temporary mail forwarding request so that I could get all my mail delivered. This was supposed to end on July 22nd and then all my mail would go back to the regular mailbox at my apartment.

During the two week period I got some mail but I noticed that it was not as much as I usually get. I did not think much of it because I figured it was just taking long for the forwarding to go through. I went back to my apartment after the time was over but then I had to go back out of town for a week. Since the post office does not allow you to do the forwarding for a period less than 2 weeks I gave my neighbor the mailbox key to collect my mail.

I came back after one week to find ONE piece of mail addressed to me. There was not even the usual junk mail that I get on a daily basis. I was worried because my driver’s license had expired and I was waiting on the new one in the mail. I even had someone contact me to verify my address because he had mailed something to me and it came back as undeliverable. All of this was starting to bother me so I contacted the post office. They said they had all my mail for the last three weeks there, with the exception of some stuff that they sent back. Why, I have no idea.

The thing that happened was that the mailman misread the form and thought I was permanently moving out and just needed the mail forwarded for two weeks. Then since I had not filled in a permanent address change they were just holding my mail hostage at the main office until I came in to claim it or sent in a form.

I do not understand how this could happen when I filled out the form that clearly states temporary forwarding….but hey everyone makes mistakes. They finally said the mail man would be bringing all of my mail later on in the day. I looked out of the window and I can see him putting letters in people’s boxes. I was going to go out and collect my stuff while he was there but I have decided that I do not want to face him. This happens to be the same mailman who yelled at me one time when I let my mail pile up for one week. He said he had to crush the stuff to fit it all in the box (maybe he could have put the overflow into one of the big package boxes) and I should have told them to hold the mail since I knew I was going to be away.

I did not go to collect my mail until he finally left after 45 minutes of doing his stuff.

Yes my new driver’s license was in the mail.