So this is not about money or how to save in any way. I have been procrastinating recently because I am in one class that I just am NOT in love with.

I have been waiting until the last minute to get assignments done and because of this I end up staying up late. Of course everyone says college students are supposed to NOT sleep but I totally disagree. I made it through years of bachelors and masters programs by getting a lot of work done during the day….by working on something every day.

Yes it was tedious to spend a couple of hours every day, even on weekends, on school work…but that lead me to not have to be up until 2 in the morning. I got lots of sleep and got good grades.

Now with this one class and all the stress it brings I have been getting very poor sleep because I am going to sleep much later than I normally do.

As a result I am cranky all day the next day and want to sleep halfway during the day…but then cannot sleep when it is time for bed.

I guess this does affect my money in the long run because I have the lights and the computer on longer since I am working into the night.


It is getting close to finals now so I cannot afford to procrastinate any more…I need to study!!!

I will not let this happen during summer school!