I just had a very interesting talk with the student that I mentor. She is in her freshman year and has just decided she is no longer interested in the major that she declared. When I asked why she chose that major she said it was because she felt like she had to pick something and was afraid to pick something that was too hard.

Now she is bored with the chosen major and wants to move into a field that she considers a little more challenging. I believe that she does have the drive and intelligence for the major she is thinking of but she will be stressed by the amount of work that it takes. It will also be a very lonely process that does not involve a lot of interaction with people and I believe that is something she excels at.

I did advise her to speak to not only the advisor in her current major but also the advisor in the one that she is thinking of switching to. That way she can get a better perspective of the possible job opportunities that will be available on graduation.

Of course I tried to steer her over to my major but since it is related to the one that she is trying to leave it will be a very hard sell. I hope it all works out for her because I really want her to be successful.