My apartment complex just got bought out by a new company and they are having all residents switch over to having the electric bill in their own names.

Now this is not a big issue for me since I have always done this in prior complexes. It was just unusual here where I was brought in under a plan that offered a cap in the form of a credit on our electric bill. We paid the apartment complex for the electricity and they dealt with the power company.

The issue I have (potentially) is that I am not sure if I will be getting  a new person in the apartment. I don’t like the term room mate because that sounds like we share a bedroom and that is not the case.

Anyway, I am supposed to have the electricity in my name as of the 5th of this month, but new tenants cannot move in until the 15th. When I filled out the application it stated that I may be charged a $135 application fee/deposit if my history for the last 12 months could not be verified.

Here lies the problem….my electric history is with the apartment complex…so unless they write a letter and the power company accepts that letter I may be faced with a huge bill. To compound the fact, the new tenant will not want to refund me half of the charge because she was not present at the time of the bill being set up.


Oh well, we will see how this all plays out.