So I received my final paycheck from my last job and as of September 1st I will consider myself to be officially unemployed. This is because the new school year has started and I do not have a job.

I was technically unemployed the day I got the letter that my school was being shut down but since I had the summer off I did not really think of it as being official until the new school year started again.

We got paid early this month but I am keeping everything in my budget running as if I had gotten paid on the last day of the month so that I do not mess up my Zero Based budget’s flow.

I have applied for many jobs both in education and outside of the field but due to my unique situation I have not found anything yet. I have people praying for me and I am not giving up because I really need to find something soon.

I am glad I do not have any DEBT because that would be really hard to deal with on top of looking for a job! I will be living off the August paycheck in September and then if I do not have a new job I will be going into my savings. I think I might live out of the Car Fund which was supposed to go towards getting my Lexus so that I do not have to touch the Never Go Back To Fresno Fund…as that will be my last resort.

So hopefully I will not have to do that and by God’s grace I WILL BE EMPLOYED by the end of September 2011!!!!