I just pulled up my reports from Money to see what I actually spent over the last month. Apart from paying all of the regular bills which I will talk about later, I did very well with cash. I actually only spent $10 for the month which was used to get quarters for laundry.

I think that was really amazing because I would normally spend more than that since I would be going to WalMart every week. Since honey has the car I was not able to just jump in the car and go off to Wally world when my heart desired. That made me focus more on the stock levels I had of each item and really think about what I was using. I had to carefully monitor what I was using and try to plan things out so that I would not run out of a critical item before I could get a ride to go to the store.

I am pleased to say that I managed to make all my food stocks last until the end of the month so I did not need to go to Wally world……although we all know that I was DYING to go…..just for old times sake!

This little experiment made me realize that I do not need to go to the store as often as I have been going. There are certain things that I bought in larger quantities because I was afraid I would run out and I still have some left over at the end of the month. This means that maybe the quantities I bought were just too high and so I can scale down on those next time I go shopping.

My credit card spending went down by quite a lot because the only thing I had charged was a new set of contacts. My debt snowball meant that I was paying just the minimum payment on each credit card because I am targeting one of the loans as the balance to pay off first. This meant I had a lower total figure for credit card payments for the month of January.

My Net Worth did improve slightly over December 2006 and you can see my chart on debt repayment over at the No Credit Needed Network.

This will be a monthly posting done on or around the first of every new month on the previous month.