Surgery Today~~

Well folks today is the big day for me.

I have surgery today and since I will be groggy and then crazy once I wake up from the anesthesia I have a guest post coming out tomorrow. I will probably be in surgery at the time that most of my regular readers see this so please say a quick prayer for me that the procedure goes quickly and smoothly.

My surgery is an outpatient surgery so I will be going home later today…..I know from experience that I will NOT be able to sit at the computer today though.

Cross your fingers and pray that my surgery and recovery go well.

I do have a number of guest posts lined up so I will keep to the regular posting schedule and if I can make it out of bed then I will say a quick hello to let you know how things went.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Hope your surgery goes well Lulu. Get better soon. Good job lining up the guest posts beforehand. Many other bloggers would instead neglect their blog while they are away.

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    • It did go well yesterday and I am currently in recovery. Thanks!!!

      I am glad that I actually got some people to post for me because I would hate for people to stop reading the blog because there were no new posts.

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  2. Glad that the surgery went well and that you are recovery fast. Oh yes, the guest post looks great, will read it in detail right after this. 🙂

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