It is tax time again and I find it so exciting. I know that sounds a bit nerdy to be excited about doing your taxes but I enjoy doing mine. I guess this is because they are simple and I do not have to worry about different streams of income and deductibles and multiple premiums etc.

I used H&R Block’s tax cut last year and got to file my taxes for free. The software was very easy to use and it allowed me to make changes and check out different scenarios before filing.

I also liked that I could save and exit at any point and then come back to my last saved point. I looked on the IRS site to check up on the free filing services and found that I should again be using the Tax Cut software because it allows me to file for free in my state. Many of the other sites did not allow me to file in my state for free (I wonder why) so after scrolling through about 7 sites I decided to use H&R Block again.

I am just waiting on all the paperwork to come in so I start putting the figures in because I like to file my taxes early.