The office staff at my apartment complex probably think I am a shopaholic because of the number of packages I get delivered. Just this week I have gotten three…yes THREE boxes between FedEx and UPS and all deliveries go through the front office.

The reason I got three packages this week is not because I am a shopaholic. It is because deliveries have been suspended here for almost two weeks because of winter weather.

Another reason is that some of my orders were split into multiple shipments for some reason. Most of the items were things I ordered last year but there were major delays in shipping so now everything is coming in at once.

I do get a lot of packages but this is because I do ALL of my non-perishable shopping online.




Toilet paper?

If it can be shipped then I will order it and have it delivered to my home. I do this because I earn extra cash back for using Swagbucks to purchase items. Think about it: I could buy laundry detergent at the store and earn 2% cash back on that.

On the other hand I could order it online and earn 6% instead…because my favorite place to shop usually offers 4% extra through Swagbucks!!!

I like saving money and making money through cash back so all of my regular grocery shopping is done this way and I stay within budget.

Really the only things I go to the store for are things like dairy, fruits, and bread, since those cannot be effectively shipped in my area.

So, dear office staff, I am not a shopaholic. I am simply trying to maximize my cash back by using the online system for the things I normally use!