So I finally got the phones from T Mobile today. This is one month, two weeks and four days after I placed the order, which makes them late on arrival by one month one week and four days.

While I do like the new phone I must say that is not something I would place in the ‘worth the wait’ category. It simply took up too much time and too many phone calls to get a phone that was not even the number one on my list.

In any case I have the phones now along with the other stuff the rep promised me and I am getting to know my new phone. The one thing that I have already found that I do not like is that I am unable to change the layout of the screen.

I am not sure if this is something that can be done and I will have to read up on it but I like being able to move the icons around and not have the T-Zones as one of my soft key options.

I am trying to get the alarms set up the way I did on the Nokia (which is still my favorite brand) so that I will have all my little reminders for all the changes in my schedule as they occur.

The camera on the phone is better than the one I had on the Nokia and I am just dying to take a picture with it. I really should have taken a pic with the Nokia and then use the Samsung to take another one so that I could compare. I have already taken the sim card and batteries out of both phones so many times to check different things that I am just fed up of doing it right now.

The next thing I need to do is to get Honey to get me some ring tones to put on the phone because I do not like the tones that are currently on the phone. I also do not want to pay for the tones that are advertised because some of them do not sound good to me anyway. I want to use the songs from off my computer to create my own, very personalized, ring tones for friends and family.