After answering the questions that LeighAnn asked I was contacted by a reporter from the New York Times. He was asking some questions about dealing with debt and how we ended up racking up all of our credit card debt.

He was very nice and asked me quite a few general questions before asking me to go into further detail on some issues that he found interesting.

We spent some time on the telephone and I asked him if he would be contacting me if my story was going to be a part of his article. He said that he would be calling the people who were going to be featured but he still had some work to do on the article.

I hope I make the cut and actually get my story, no matter how small, published. That would mean some more great exposure for the blog and a chance to get to know some other people. It would also let some more people understand the plight of us poor college students.

The thing I am a bit afraid of is that my school subscribes to the paper for the student body and I know some of my friends (who do not read this blog) read the paper. I don’t think the paper would publish my picture…but still the thought of some of my professors and other people I see every day is a little bit scary.