I got this email in one of my accounts and I immediately knew it was a scam even before I opened it up. The spelling on the subject was horrible and I knew that there was no refund for me.

This person is running a scam and I am sorry to think of the people who might have ‘complected’ the ‘formular’ and put their bank account or credit card information on the website that the scammer is running.

Remember that if you get an email saying that you have some kind of refund that you were not expecting you should always verify it before putting in your information. The IRS would not simply send you an email like this…..they would bombard you with letters etc. talking about it so just be careful.

Tax refound (28371231) $620.50

Saturday, July 26, 2008 11:29 AM

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Now you might say that no one would fall for this…but sadly people do. Watch what you get and protect your money from being stolen.