So I got Bassbuds earbuds in the past and have been using them constantly in the office because I love them. They are truly a great pair of earbuds and they look good as well.

So what are Bassbuds?

Well they are a fusion of style and technology so you get great sound in a stylish in-ear audio technology system. They also come equipped with a Swarovski cut element in each earbud so you look super stylish while you enjoy your music.


I got the white ones and I cannot seem to get a great photo of the bling but here is what they look like.

BassBuds and BassBoomz make the perfect gift for music lovers, each individually packaged in a luxury gift box.

BassBuds ­ USD 85

BassBoomz ­USD 130

You can cash in on these awesome prices from Friday 28th November ­ Monday 1st December 2014.

Yes they are a little on the pricey side but they really do make an excellent gift and are perfect as a gift for this holiday season.

You can also get them in the classic collection which are one solid color and only have a clear element.


I think they are perfect for work or school and maybe the bling makes them a little more appropriate for ladies…but guys can cash in on the black or silver ones which do not look so much like jewelry.