I have just taken the screen shot of the referral earnings from my Cash Duck account. You can still sign up and get in on the action and take part in my personal contest.

I will be checking periodically during the next two weeks to see what progress people are making. Remember you can also get your own referrals and build up your earnings that way. It does not matter if you get more money from completing offers or from your percentage of your referral earnings.

At the end of the contest period I will announce the winner and will send out the gift card to them. This way we all get something. You get a chance to earn some cash and prizes and I also get some cash and prizes and Cash Duck grows bigger and better.

You can click on any of the links in this post or you can use the picture of the duck in the left sidebar to sign up as my referral. Everyone who signs up becomes someone’s referral when you join Cash Duck. If you do not sign up as my referral (or anyone else’s) then someone can use their feathers points to purchase a random referral. Referrals are assigned in the order they sign up so you will become someone’s referral…..you just will not know who!