I saw this post about 25 tips for the frugally insane over at Wisebread and I just could not go on for the rest of the day if I did not share them. I started to read and the tips were okay until I got to #6 and then I started to really lose it.

Now everyone who knows me will tell you in an instant how silly I am and how I laugh at the strangest things….but honestly can you tell me you did not find #6 and #7 FUNNY after you read the first few items?

I laughed sooooooooooo much after #7 that I made my migraine worse and I started to cough. I had to take a break before I could come back to read the rest of the article.

If you are looking for some serious frugal advice trust me this is NOT the post to read. But if you are looking for some money saving madness then this article has everything you need.

I am starring this article so I can come back to it when I am having a bad day.