I have not noticed any of my posts showing up on the PFBlogs aggregator for the last few days. Did I get kicked off PFBlogs or what? I always used to see my posts show up and then this week I have not seen anything show up.

I have been posting the same things I always do in about the same time frame and I have no idea what happened. I have checked my feed burner and it is working fine…..I do not have any explicit content…I am confused.

If I was kicked off it would have been nice if someone notified me about this. I am seeing other postings that are not even PF related and they show up every day….but nothing of mine is showing up.

The people who comment on my blog have seen my entries either directly from subscribing to my feed themselves OR from coming to the site. They did not see anything from PFBlogs….I guess my articles are invisible now or something.