You can join NCP and save just like I do on a regular basis. I use it all the time and get to earn points for various actions. I then use the points to get free items or cash back and save on my monthly spending.

Read on to get the details!

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To join all you have to do is go this link and fill in your information.

NCP process

What is it?

NCP is the National Consumer Panel which is a partner of Nielsen. They track consumer information and preferences over a wide variety of items. Basically you scan your purchases and transmit your purchase history to the company. They use that information to make a variety of decisions and award you points for transmitting.

What information do they collect?

They collect any demographic information such as age etc. They also have your purchase history from any items you scan and transmit.

What do I get?

You get to earn points that you can redeem for various items. The company also states that you get a chance to make your voice be heard. This is true…but the average consumer is probably more interested in earning points for items.

If you sign up with my affiliate link I will receive bonus points for every sign up.

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