I looked at my blogroll and saw there were a lot of blogs that I read on a daily basis. I have a huge number in my feed readers that I do not visit daily but I still read their posts on a consistent basis.

I began to wonder why each person got into PF Blogging and what motivates them to go on. Now while you can usually find a little bit of this story over on the About section of the blogs, not everyone has the information that I am looking for.

I decided to get out my own little questionnaire and interview all of the bloggers I deal with to find out their stories.

Meet the Blogger Mondays

I sent out these questions to the bloggers on my blogroll and once I have the responses in I will start to post each set of responses in a series called Meet the Blogger Mondays.

Every Monday I will feature one of the bloggers on my blog roll who writes about personal finances. Each blogger gave his or her views on the questions I asked and the responses that have come in so far have been quite interesting. Join me every Monday morning as we find out a little bit more about my favorite bloggers.