Welcome to How I Save Money. Every month the members of the Wealth, Money & Life Network take on a topic and write as a group. The topic for this month is Missed Opportunities.

I love the song”Missed Opportunities” by Hall and Oates. I think it relates well to my relationship with money right now because money and I just keep missing each other. Our world is out of order….and I all I see is missed opportunities.

I am thinking of a time when I missed an opportunity to get what could have been a great job. It was certainly better than the position I did end up getting and it was all because of letting things go too long without taking proper action. I had one offer on the table and for various reasons I let that offer sit while I contemplated something else. By the time I decided to accept the first offer it had been taken off the table and I had no choice but to take the second one.

This decision landed me in ‘the place that shall not be named’ where I had a horrible time and learned the type of work I never want to do again. I ended up not making any money at all because I was having losses charged to me….but that is another story.

What I learned from that experience is to grab opportunities as they come my way because I never know when another one might come along. In some cases it is good to hold out for something that you think will be better but sometimes you also have to take what is in front of you.

I have decided that the next time I see something I want I am going to act on it right away. That involves an element of risk…but I do not want to be stuck again dealing with the What If.

This was not the first time that Money and I missed each other and I just wonder why we keep on missing each other……………..

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