I did not really find a knight in shining armor today ….but I did find Shawn Knight who left some good comments on this blog. Shawn runs a tech site here so how he ever found this lil inconspicuous blog about how to save money is totally beyond me. But hey I am not complaining…more traffic for me.

Shawn also emailed me with a suggestion for a post and with his permission (pretty please) I will include some (or maybe all) of the email when I do write about this. While going over Shawn’s blog roll I found two other sites that I liked and I am going to talk about them later.

Although Shawn is a techie he also has some other stuff on his blog which I liked (and could understand) so I am adding him to my blogroll. I enjoyed reading Hey you aren’t funny because I do agree with some of the people that he chose.

I think one of the things that I ended up liking the most about this blog is that he does a daily picture and some of them are really good. I look forward to getting some more good reads out of this site……and it bears my seal of approval….so go check it out.