Food can be very expensive. To defray this cost, many people decide to visit large warehouse stores and buy items in bulk quantities at reduced prices. The problem then becomes how to keep these large amounts of food stored properly in order to maintain maximum freshness for later use. Finding a solution for this problem will also come in handy to preserve leftovers as well. In this way, the freezer will become a secret gold mine instead of a money pit.

The key to effective frozen food storage is learning how to wrap the food properly. When food will be frozen for a short amount of time, it is acceptable to use regular plastic wrap or bags. It is best to get all of the air away from the food to avoid the ice crystals that form freezer burn. Even though this is not dangerous, it will change the way that food appears. When food will be stored for a long time, it is best to purchase strong aluminum foil, heavy duty plastic bags, or sealable plastic containers. There are also special air extractor and bag sealer products on the market as well. In order to remember what is being stored, all items should be clearly labeled with name and date.

Another way to save money is to freeze food in single portion sizes. This will make it simple to take out for a quick meal or while on the go. When cooking a large meal and saving leftovers, it is imperative to let the food totally cool before storing it in the freezer. This will also avoid the unpopular freezer burn.

Knowing how much food to keep in the freezer will also save money on utility bills. When the freezer is empty, it can cost more to operate than when it is full. On the other hand, keeping it too full will make it work harder and less efficiently. Finding the correct balance will save energy and ensure proper air circulation. This will keep food at an ideal temperature.

Having an organized freezer filled with preserved food will save a person money at the store and maintain the savings at home. When frozen food is stored and labeled correctly, it will prevent a person from throwing the bargain away in the trash. It will also be more tempting to use this food since it will still taste good when prepared.

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