I recently received this from a reader and wanted to share.

Hi Lulu,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your budgeting tips. I was afraid of budgeting before I actually started reading your blog but now I am all for budgets. In fact having a budget is such a relief to me. My budget frees me to do what I want because I know where my money is.

My best example is when  a friend of mine asked me to go to a show at the last minute. I looked in my ‘Entertainment’ budget and saw that I had $500 in there. I was able to purchase a ticket for the show and pay for gas and drinks without having to worry about the cost at all. I have been putting $40 a month into my entertainment budget via automatic transfer so it was easy for me to build up a hefty sum over the last few months.

Two of our other friends said they could not make the show because they did not have money for it but I was able to go without blinking an eye. I thank you once again for getting me hooked on budgeting!!!

Well this is is certainly a cool little story to share and I am glad that I have a reader who seems to love budgeting and is no longer afraid of the word ‘budget.

How has budgeting freed you up?