I know I talk a lot about saving money but I also talk about buying quality. I buy cheap toothpaste but not for the reasons you may think.

I am very passionate about my teeth….I floss…I use an electric toothbrush…I use restoring mouthwash…I use whitening strips.

You would think with all of that I would buy expensive toothpaste that ‘does’ something…but I actually do not. I buy Pepsodent (when I can find it) and it only costs 99 cents a tube.

Why do I buy such cheap toothpaste?

I do it because my mouth is sensitive. Actually I have very sensitive skin and a lot of different products bother me. I have had BAD experiences with toothpaste where I would use one and it makes my gums bleed and makes my lips peel. Gross I know, but true.

Pepsodent is the ONLY toothpaste that I know I can trust and not ever have an issue.


I used to LOVE an Arm and Hammer toothpaste with added calcium and would gladly spend the few dollars it cost. This is until they changed the formula and came out with the version with black on the tube. That should have been a sign to me. I used it and it royally messed up my mouth.

By the way Arm and Hammer I wrote to your customer service department about my horrible experience…bleeding gums..cracked and peeling lips…even the corners of my mouth were cracked and took a couple of days to heal. I got a ‘thank you for your email and someone will contact you soon’ email but NEVER got a response after that.

Anyway…I use Pepsodent because it cleans my mouth and does what it needs to do….AND there is not a negative side effect after.