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The LocoMono contemplates Continuing The Emergency Fund Into 2009 . I think it is great to continue it even though you reach the amount you previously set because there is nothing wrong with saving money for a rainy day.

Dividends4Life asks When Is Enough, Enough when talking about the timing of dividend payments. I think as long as I am getting a dividend I will be happy. If it comes bi-annually or annually I really do not think about it. I like to think of it as a little surprise income instead of relying on it.

Dollar Frugal saves money by Using The Company Vehicle for Errands . Now before you start throwing stones at her, she is using the company vehicle to run company errands not personal ones. This reminds me of the time I tried to save money by charging my phone at work and got angry emails and comments.

Her Every Cent Counts says It’s Official And She is Moving . I am going to stay where I am even though I am facing a rent increase as well.

Living Off Dividends asks How Passive Is Your Passive Income and I must say that mine is not very passive at all. I work for my money in all areas. Yes I do get interest at ING but the money in there comes from working and writing this blog.

The Saving Diva used coupons to buy a gift and Wonders If She is Being Frugal Or Cheap . Girl you are being frugal!!!!!! Buy me a gift using coupons and see if I complain.

Carnival Of Snowflaking

My post on saving money in an emergency fund was listed in the 5th Carnival of Snowflaking so that made me very happy.