I thought of doing the 25 ways I save money but I think that a list of 25 is too much to go through at once. I am going to post the 25 ways in a series of 5 points each and then sum it all up at the end. That way you do not get an overload.

1. Do not buy things from vending machines.

I do not use the vending machines in the building. I make sure I always have bottled water in my bag so that I have something to drink at all times. I have trained my mind to ignore the stuff from the vending machines and since I always have a snack with me I am not tempted to use the machines.

2. Buy in bulk.

Well we all know about buying in bulk in order to save money. Now I do not just buy things in bulk JUST because they are in a bulk package. I buy the things I would normally buy anyway in bulk so that I can get a better rate.

3. Use Compact Fluorescent bulbs.

I think we have already beat this one to death. The CFL bulbs save energy. I have replaced all the bulbs in my house with them, even the one in the refrigerator. I have also cut down on the number of bulbs used. The fixture in my bathroom has slots for four bulbs but I am only using one. It still lights up the room enough so that I can get all my stuff done with just the one light.

4. Use natural light.

In order to cut down on the electricity bills even more I use as much natural light as possible. Since I live alone I just leave the bathroom door open constantly and let the light from everywhere else stream in. (My doors are constantly deadbolted people in addition to being locked and I live on the second floor so I doubt anyone will ‘accidentally’ walk in through the sliding glass doors in the living room.)

5. Open the windows.

I put up curtains to ensure privacy and I open windows. I have the bedroom window open during the day so that fresh air can circulate freely so the place does not get all stuffy. During the summer this allows a breeze to go through which cuts down on the need for the air conditioner most days. When it starts to heat up more then I use a fan with adjustable settings that will turn itself on and off according to the temperature.