I started using Ally bank recently because they offered higher interest rates on CDs than ING did. Now my experience in the past was that you log in to the account, click on the cd and click close or transfer and you are done in less than a minute.

Well at least that was the ING way. Not so much with Ally. I poked around a bit but could not find any way to close the account. I got on to the live chat only to be told that the system was down but should be back up in a couple of hours. I then asked the rep what I needed to do to close the CD and was told that I had to go through customer service in order for them to close the CD for me.

Now why couldn’t they just make it easy and let me click close on my own. Why do I have to go through them….and most likely be hassled to keep it open….just to transfer my own money that has been locked in a CD for months.

That is one of the things that I loved about ING….it was easy to get in and do your own thing and you never really need to go to customer service unless there is some major issue.