The time has come once again to tweak the budget because there has been a major change in my income and expenses. I recently switched my insurance to a High Deductible plan and so my premiums for the month have gone down. This means I will be receiving a slightly larger paycheck but since I will be contributing to my Health Savings Account on an after tax basis, I will need to account for this new outflow.

I have tweaked my budget a few times in the past as major events have happened and since I will be getting the new paycheck at the end of September, it makes sense to do an overhaul of the budget starting in October. As soon as I get paid on the last day of the month I will know what my regular salary is going to be and I can go ahead and make the adjustments in the spreadsheet for the upcoming month. I am going to factor the contributions to my Health Savings Account under the Financial heading, which takes care of all investments and similar items since I want to keep my budget as streamlined as possible.

I will also be changing the amounts I budget for food and personal shopping because I have been going over those amounts some months. I will be reducing the amount for Miscellaneous spending as well because I should be done with my classes in December and will not have a need for moving so much money to that account to pay for school.