It is time again to check up on my finances and see how well I am sticking to my monthly budget. This is the beginning of a new month so I will be reporting on the week to date as it applies to the month of November.

My budget categories have rolled over and reset and I am basically beginning November on a fresh note. I had originally tried to roll each category over from the previous months but I have decided to postpone that and actually do a rolling budget for 2013 instead.

This week I paid rent, including $2 worth of electricity. I live in student housing and all utilities are included in the rent, with a capped amount. We get charged the amount over the cap and this month it was $2 so that is not too bad.

I will be paying the car loan and insurance on the weekend so those figures will come out in a later post. I actually ended October 2012 on a positive cash flow…which is something I have not seen in a long time.  I have finally adjusted to this small student budget and I no longer have major purchases to deal with so this positive cash flow should continue for a while.

Early registration for next semester has already begun and I am in the process of getting my classes set up for Spring 2013….so I am preparing for the tuition bill.