I know this is a bit late but better late than never right? My net cash flow for the month of October was $698.89. This means I ended the month on a positive note even though it started with things looking a bit bleak.

I made over $92 in sponsored reviews (hey I gotta eat!!!) so it does pay to write those sponsored posts every now and then.

I went WAY over my food budget because I spent over $225 for food when my budget was set at $100. This is obviously a bit unrealistic so I will have to tweak the budget for November a bit, as well as cut down on the spending.

Now I went $6 over my clothing budget because I spent $106.51 on clothes last month. I will allow for the overage because I did need to get some new clothes for the internship. I will have to get just a few more basic items and then I should be able to reduce the clothing budget to about $50 a month by January.

I spent $37.25 in gas for the month so that was another bit of staying under the budget for me and I was very proud of that. I have to drive about 10 miles each day to and from work and I do not go out so that helps me to save on gas. I had to go out of town a couple of times but I managed my mileage well so I only really had to fill my tank up once from empty for the whole month.

I am watching my budget a bit more closely this month because I would like to throw some larger snowflake payments over to the credit cards to bring the balances down quicker.