Hi guys,

I mentioned in my big announcement post that I was going to start up with the weekly budget check ins once again. I am changing it up a little bit from the ‘Tracking My Finances’ series but I am still working on the concept so bear with me.

This week I spent $15.99 on food, which included regular groceries and eating out as well. I broke down and bought some sushi while at work!!!

I spent $16.45 on clothing for a big event that I was invited to attend. It was an all white affair and I did not own ANY white clothes so I had to go out to look for something. I was able to get a whole outfit off sale items so I did not spend too much. The clothing budget is $20 so I am under for the month so far.

I paid the car loan and rent this week and those two items are the biggest chunk of the budget for the month.

I am at a good point for the first week so I am looking forward to the rest of the month on my student budget!!