I started to substitute teach on Fridays and I just realized that I do not have clothes to wear that are really appropriate.

Most of my formal clothes are full suits which are too dressy for Fridays. I do not have anything that is slightly less formal that I can wear and still look nice so it is a bit of a dilemma.

I do have some black pants which will work but the bottoms of them are a bit rough around the edges from that period of my life when I worked in the black hole of despair.

I do not want to run out and buy a full wardrobe of new clothes just yet because I am still very poor (and I hate shopping) but I see that I will need some new stuff quite soon.

As soon as I get that first paycheck from subbing (which won’t be until the end of this month) I need to purchase at least two nice shirts that are appropriate for me to go to school in. Right now I just have the one black shirt that I am wearing today and some polo shirts which are okay if I sub in a gym class but I think are way too casual for some of the other classes that I go to.

No one has said anything and most of the teachers wear jeans on Fridays when I go to sub but I would still like to look nice and professional.

I am going through my closet today to weed out some clothing which may need to be put to rest….like a white polo with such a large hole in it that any attempt I make to repair it would not look good at all.

There are also some clothes like this red and black sweater that I bought two years ago and I have NEVER worn anywhere. I keep finding it and trying it on and then not liking how it looks so I put it back on the hanger. What a waste. I think it still has the tags on.

Most of my pants still fit and with me starting to exercise now I will be able to fit into the ones that had gotten a little bit too tight. The only thing is that all of the black ones from my time in the black hole did get a bit frayed and I do not want the constant reminder of that place.

So that is my plan for the end of this month….get two nice shirts to go subbing with.